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South East Asian weddings

South East Asian weddings are different from their western counterparts. When a couple of different inter-faith is exchanging wedding vows it is not possible

Wedding Superstitions

Lot of people believe in wedding superstitions and Myths.Marriages are a reason to make merry. But it’s also a time when one is filled

Wedding Website

A couple who decided to make their wedding website for their family and friends.Very recently a South Asian couple married and settled in US.

Love and Marriage

No mathematics work when it comes to love and marriage. Love knows no boundaries, no rules and regulations. So girls, the days of “ladies

Marriage and Romance

Marriage and romance comes with big responsibilities of making a cozy nest. The initial romance ebbs when the couple has to face the realities of

Relationship & ambitious spouse

Relationship with an ambitious spouse is not easy. A couple is like two pieces of a puzzle – different, yet they fit together. A harmonious

Marriage issues

Every marriage has its share of issues. Relationship experts say it is perfectly healthy and normal for married couples to fight. It brings the

wedding and Bride Relatives

It is important before the wedding day the names of Bride relatives.Like most proud Asians most of us know that when we marry, it is

Qualities of a good life partner

A life partner has many meanings, but the most common is when it is used for the person who is cherished as a spouse.