Marriage issues

Every marriage has its share of issues. Relationship experts say it is perfectly healthy and normal for married couples to fight. It brings the couple closer. They get to know each other more.  It also opens doors for communications. Those who believe in a lie long commitment, they do everything to make the spouse comfortable and contended- especially the wife who has left her father’s home to build a new nest.

The first fight can be a little uncomfortable for both, as the unattractive side of your partner is revealed. But it is normal and human to have a brawl or clash on issues that you don’t agree on. But the key to a successful marriage is to talk it out, resolve the issue and move on. Learn to work through conflict so you will have a means of handling problems in the future. After you have aired everything that you wanted to say, try to forgive. Remember, making love and having a great sex after the first fight is one great way to show forgiveness and understand. Also you can take your spouse out for their favorite meal and win their affection back. Openly telling them how much you love and appreciate them is also a good idea to make up after a spat.

Not everyday can be a wedded bliss, but if both of you are committed to making your marriage work, chances of a long and happy life together increase manifold. Hence, the first fight should only be in memories as a starter of a great marriage and a beautiful relationship you both shared.

Always remember, making up is the best part in a relationship!