Wedding Website

A couple who decided to make their wedding website for their family and friends.Very recently a South Asian couple married and settled in US. The groom is a systems analyst in a software corporation and the bride was a software engineer.

So it was natural for them to use their skills to make their wedding memorable for their guests. They decided to make a website that served as a wedding card! Making the most of their technology skills the website had regular sections like About Us-that described the bride and groom and their personalities, work, hobbies likes and dislikes with graphics and pictures. Parents- had important information about how the two families had blessed the couple for matrimony. A brief description of the parents and their pictures were given. Pre-wedding ceremonies– this gave information about all the dates and ceremonies and rituals attached. It mentioned the venue with the maps for the guests to come. It came with an email for RSVP. Wedding date and ceremonies– it mentioned the main date, programs and timings.

Couples have become more creative when it comes to getting married and using this technology has made it easier to marry. Wedding planners offer a bouquet of services for creating wedding websites. It is not an overstatement to say that a wedding is an event of a lifetime. So, to set the right tone for a wedding, an exclusive, well-designed and coordinated stationary works wonders-from informing guests about the venue, and event calendar to sharing pictures, all is handled deftly. Designers present elaborate themes, offer risk-free guarantees and samples.