Wedding Superstitions

Lot of people believe in wedding superstitions and Myths.Marriages are a reason to make merry. But it’s also a time when one is filled with apprehensions, tensions, trauma stress. As a result, this milestone of life has plenty superstitions to cross.

We humans always seek to understand our surroundings and interpret life by that understanding. Superstition is just one more method of understanding life even though unfounded at times.

There are many wedding myths and superstitions that are passed through generations. Some are for good luck while others are considered bad, so without factual basis, they are agreed upon by generations. Many traditions believe in the bridal couple not meeting 4-5 days prior to the wedding, but with increasing trend of cross-cultural and love-marriages today, one wonders, is that possible and by breaking this tradition, does the couples not live happily after? Another set of myths preach a bride will not want to see a hare, pig, monk or nun on her way to her wedding as these are all unlucky or suggest a barren marriage, but logically if you think about it – what if she visions all of them? Will she be actually doomed? There are also few actions that are encouraged, like a bride taking a quick look at her reflection in a mirror just before leaving home for the wedding ceremony will bring her good luck. Which bride wouldn’t do that? Even though these superstitions and myths have no scientific basis, it never hurts to keep them in mind, just in case…luck dries up suddenly.