wedding and Bride Relatives

It is important before the wedding day the names of Bride relatives.Like most proud Asians most of us know that when we marry, it is not only the bride but also the family, her relatives and close friends.

One is introduced to a long list of well-wishers on the reception day. It is hard to remember all of them. But the trick lies in knowing some of the important names that matter. Some elderly aunt, important distant cousin, grandparent who was crucial in bringing up the ‘baby’ to this D-Day! Well, it can be a hard task knowing all names. In turn, it is equally compelling for the bride to know all the members in her husband’s family.

The last memorization of names would have been way back in school, for history-And now, the relatives and family. A few bridal couples have a way out of tricky situations. Both of them can have an opportunity to speak about these important relatives before they marry. Some can be met before hand. This helps in recalling the names on the wedding day. Remembering someone in the crowd can earn respect. In fact, not addressing an elder with the proper name can be the beginning of a relationship on a wrong footing, especially if the person is close to the bride. Some families do have uncommon names. The very fact that they are uncommon they can be remembered with ease or cause embarrassment at times! If it is very difficult to remember then get their pet names which can be recalled with ease.