Marriage and Romance

Marriage and romance comes with big responsibilities of making a cozy nest. The initial romance ebbs when the couple has to face the realities of setting the house, job, raising the family, buying and maintaining a home. Household errands and tasks take so much time and devotion that romance takes a backseat. But it’s never too late to get that mush back in the marriage, to make it more passionate and fervent.


Marriage and romance  have to be worked on, giving each other more time, affection and care. But how does one keep romance alive in a marriage? A couple should designate quality time to each other despite busy schedules. Do not take your partner for granted. Come what may, do hug or kiss each other often, giving signals of the fervor in the relationship still alive. More time you spend with each other will re-energize you. It’s important to have fun together. Set up a date at home if you can’t go out. Watch your favorite video together, dance to your favorite music, have your favorite drink – just do things together and see how close you become.


The best way to keeping the romance alive is to communicate. Keep talking to each other. Take care of each other’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. Do spice up your romance by doing small acts of kindness by giving them flowers, going for long walks and drives, saying and giving each other notes of “thank you” and “I love you” and sharing memories and anecdotes of earlier days.