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Bride comfort-Groom’s Gain!

You’ve just got married and bought the bride home. As the honey moon dust settles in matrimony, it’s time to take a reality check. A

Married life

It’s the day and age when couples have to live by themselves this is called married life. Whether it is the dream choice or

Trusting Life Partner

Finding a  Life partner for your matrimonial need or for dating whom you can trust forever is not that easy. It needs patience and

Marriage Frauds

Many girls and boys approach matrimony with blinkers on. There is nothing like “it will never happen to me”. Anything can happen, anytime. We

How to find somebody who respects you for what you are?

As a person you have some characteristics. You generally like the way you are. If you don’t like then you try to change and

Secure Relationship

In a relationship, it is very much important to have a secure relationship for the  longevity of a relationship. Without the secure feeling, no

How to find somebody you like from your own?

You are the best person to find someone you’d like. If you try to find someone you like from your own, then the possibility

Top 5 things you look for in the first meeting

After you talk or chat online at a  matrimonial site or use a quality matchmaking services, you would want to take the relationship to the next level

Find somebody who believes in commitment

While looking for your matrimonial partner, you need to find someone who believes in commitment, if you want a long lasting relationship. In many