Love and Marriage

No mathematics work when it comes to love and marriage. Love knows no boundaries, no rules and regulations. So girls, the days of “ladies in waiting” are over when it comes to proposing marriage to their men. For centuries, proposing was a male bastion. Now women are getting down on the knees and popping the question. This may raise a few eyebrows, but today’ woman knows exactly what she wants in life — and gets it too! Women were actually given the right to propose marriage to a man in 1228!

This “role reversal” trend is not only evident in the number of women proposing, but in society’s willingness to accept this shift too. A natural and a healthy situation is when the couple is really in tune with each other and they have had wonderful times in the past, so that it can be progressed to the future. Psychologists say a woman should be in control of the situation when deciding on taking this step, with honesty being of prime importance. “Why do I want to marry this person?” And, “How do I perceive this relationship?” should be at the top list in her mind. Honesty should direct her behavior and her next step.

In most south Asian societies, which are very conventional and traditional, a woman, however successful in life, is always expected to be a meek bride. So taking such a step involves a lot of responsibilities of a woman’s action and repercussions. So be ready to face them.