South East Asian weddings

South East Asian weddings are different from their western counterparts. When a couple of different inter-faith is exchanging wedding vows it is not possible to follow the customs of only one culture. Rituals from the host country can be incorporated to make the wedding unusual and more memorable. After all even if the rituals are diverse the meaning of wedding is the same all over the world. It is bringing two sweat hearts closer to one another. Despite traditions varying across ethnicity, language and region, traditional wedding are structured in similar manner with pre and post wedding ceremonies. If the wedding is taking place abroad, what more fun if some local flavor of that country is also added. It will only make the entire event memorable. For example in countries like America and Australia where many S E Asians live, work and marry there are few local options for the bridal couple to adopt. Use of bride maidens, use of gown instead of ethnic apparel and cuisine can be adopted. It would be a perfect setting for a fairytale wedding.

Traditionally, wedding ceremonies in Australia end with the couple exchanging rings – a circular ring with no end and no beginning symbolizing an everlasting relationship – and the traditional wedding kiss to seal the pact. In many south Asian weddings, the pair exchanges rings and kiss – just like its Australian counterpart. Get to know some local customs and adopt them in the event. Even as a mark of respect for the place.