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Successful Marriage

To have a successful marriage, you both need to be on the same page most of the time and agree on the major decisions.

Relationship advice: Succeed in Online Matrimonial

The only reason that people look for marriage and love online is that you can cut across geographical barriers and still find your spouse

Breakup and Divorce

Breakup and divorce and getting a second chance in life is something you can look forward.Some wounds never heal and getting a divorce can

Stagnation in relationship

Stagnation in relationship is something which make your life not so cheerful and happy.When you are in a new relationship, your life looks bright

Relationship advice: Being Thankful to Online Matrimonial Sites

If you are happily married with due thanks to an online matrimonial website or intend finding your life partner online, you can be glad

Online Peronal Profile

Online personal profile is essential if one wants to find life partner with the help of matrimonial website.Although it might seem simple to write

Relationship advise: Big Instant Turnoffs for Men

Dating is fun when you are appreciated but in case, you don’t hear from the guys you date after few dates, maybe there is

Secret to Long and Healthy Life Is Being In Relationship

Secret to Long and Healthy Life Is Being In Relationship For good health and well being, it is essential to be in a healthy

How to stay in love happily forever

How to stay in love happily forever When you fall in love, the world is rosy and you feel on top of cloud nine.