Online dating

3 Damaging mistakes with emails
Online dating and relationship starts with good communicating.Good etiquette must be followed while communicating with other people. Make sure you avoid these bad etiquette of emails in future.

2-Show respect to your partner:
1. Don’t be angry and upset
If you have written to someone, who has not responded there is no need to get upset. It just indicates he or she is not interested. Time to move on with life! Contact someone else, it is really simple!2. Do not nag anyone
Do not send 5 emails per day if the person has not responded to your first email. Do not send her or him a nasty rude email for being upset. It will lead you nowhere. Wise thing is to accept the rejection and move on. 3. Reply back (ladies please read)If someone has sent you a positive message, reply him back soon. Don’t make him wait forever. Write back to him or else he may soon find someone else!
How to write great personal profiles and influence people!
Well today I’d like you to start on the path of making your dreams into a reality. I am sure you agree with me that we live in a world where everything is achievable,if some rules and guidelines are followed. I have seen so many of the profiles not written correctly. In order to make a person read your profile and respond positively think what is missing.If you were searching for life partner online what will attract you most:a) A well written profile. b) Profile with a photo. When you go out to dinner and social events how much time is spend on getting ready. Men on average take 20 minutes for shower and change while women can take up to an hour. Remember your profile is your introduction to the world. Give it at least 10 minutes of your time. Create a good impression to receive a positive reaction!Honest About yourself Most important, be honest about yourself! In all areas of your life, your age, marital status, income, photos. Always upload latest photo. A clear current smiling photo will do the trick. If you are honest about who you are, and reply back immediately, it’s tried and tested way to be a winner in the online matchmaking.Being Positive

People do not like negatively in life. Emphasize your positive points, not your negative ones. Let others know your best qualities. And remember to sound happy, fun and a confident person.

Be Creative

Make your profile stand out by writing more about yourself. It will make others to notice you. This can be done by listing your interests and hobbies. Your lifestyle and the type of person you are hoping to meet on the site. Your future plans, please do not make it too lengthy, keep it short.