Qualities of an ideal life partner

Qualities of an ideal life partnerThis article looks at the qualities that make men attractive to women. Well, though physique matters, you certainly need more in your man than being tall, dark and handsome because you are looking for mental and emotional compatibility not just selecting someone based on their looks only, for a long-term committed relationship.

Men with the best qualities for relationships that make women go weak in their knees need to have a host of qualities. Here are some tips from Shadi.com.

  • Caring and responsive: He needs to be responsive to your emotional and physical needs, instead of thinking only about himself and what he wants in the relationship. Men who are great in relationships can empathize and relate to your problems while caring for individual needs of the family.
  • Confidence: Men with confidence to take the right decision hold a certain appeal with women. Not only does that make them more attractive, but the self-confidence allows them to treat their partners better, with less jealously and negativity marking the relationship.
  • Individual interests and passions: Whether it is a game of golf or tinkering with the tools, men with individual hobbies and passions tend to be more responsive in a relationship. They understand the meaning of having and giving personal space, allowing a healthy relationship to progress with time.
  • Real men respect women: Strong and confident men respect women. They do not insult or use violence in a relationship as a means of showing superiority or dominating the partner. Cutting across races and religions, maturity is one of the best qualities in men that women look for. They do not seek approval for everything and in return, they give ample time and attention to the woman in their life.
  • Care about appearance and personal hygiene: Women like well-groomed men as they believe that if men can take care of themselves, they’ll care about the women in their life as well. So if you are out to create a good impression, say bye-bye to smelly socks, dirty jeans and uncombed hair. The metro sexual look is trendy and in vogue.
  • Have a sense of humor: If you can make her laugh, you won her heart. Humor helps to tide over difficult circumstances and as a man, if you have a great sense of humor, you can laugh and keep others happy around you.