Stagnation in relationship

Stagnation in relationship is something which make your life not so cheerful and happy.When you are in a new relationship, your life looks bright and happy with an underlying current of excitement all the time. But with time, the excitement is replaced with boredom and relationship starts to feel stale. There are interludes of fights, blame game starts and you start wondering if it is all worth it. But studies have shown that being happy with your spouse or partner for long term satisfaction is completely dependent on a variety of factors including:

Positive thoughts about each other

  • Sharing activities and challenges together
  • Missing each other when far away
  • Being happy as an individual and as a couple
  • Having an exciting intimate relationship
Despite all of these factors, you cannot be in bliss every day and it is normal that sometimes the relationship seems stale. If you have been fighting or your irritability quotient is high and even sex is no longer fun, you’ll be glad to know that you are not alone. Relationship ruts are a common phase in long-term relationships and though it can be isolating and frustrating, here are some tips to bring the spark back into your life.
1- Show more affection: Stop the blame game and think about the good points of your spouse. Be spontaneous to show affection, surprise outings and even small gifts. This brings in more positivity and encourages your partner to be more genial and affectionate. Don’t wait for him or her to be the first one to show affection. Start the change!
2- Enjoy life and have fun: Bring back laughter, fun times and you’ll see the same excitement reemerging. Negative talk, nagging and blaming each other ebbs away love and comradeship. Stop negativity and have open communication. Set date nights, give a hug, curl up on the couch and watch
a movie together. Just be together within a more positive atmosphere and see the sparks flying again.
Sarah Shah