Relationship and marriage advice: Choosing who to marry is the most important decision of your life

Probably the most important decision that you ever take in your life is about the person you marry. Yes, even more important than your career decisions. As you’ll spend the rest of your life with your spouse, it is essential that you find someone that has a caring nature and possess a good character. This is precisely the reason that you should not get married in haste or get into a relationship very quickly. First, get to know the person well.
Choosing who to marry is the most important decision that you’ll take as it is about selecting the person you plan on spending your entire life with. It is about sharing the comfort of ‘being you’ and the person accepting you as you are. Marriage is about sharing your joys and sorrows together. The fact remain that maybe your potential spouse doesn’t have a romantic streak in him or her, maybe they turn the wheel of life daily without any excitement or adventure.
They may not be good looking or interesting, but if they are always there for you, this is what counts in your life. You maybe have had relationships in the past, but if you actually think about it, would you want to marry someone who isn’t steady or finds an excuse to end the relationship at every pretext?
A wanderer-kind of a person may be exciting, interesting and romantic, but you’re just buying the image, not the person. For marriage, you need a rock-solid personality who can be with you through thunder and rain. Thus, start with being friends to know a person and evaluate his or her personality. If they are fickle, they are not marriage material. That is the truth. And marriage is about honesty, commitment, undying love, so if you are ready to make it work, the spark will always be there.
Sarah Shah