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Breakup and Divorce

Breakup and divorce and getting a second chance in life is something you can look forward.Some wounds never heal and getting a divorce can

Stagnation in relationship

Stagnation in relationship is something which make your life not so cheerful and happy.When you are in a new relationship, your life looks bright

Spotting married men on dating site

Spotting married men who pretend to be single on dating or matrimonial site is important. Does the man you found on the online dating site

Nagging wife

Men find nagging wife a bad indicator for good relationship. You know you have to ask your husband multiple times to do chores before

Love and Soulmate

To find love and soulmate lot of people use the help of matrimonial websites. With more people connecting virtually, online marriage bureau and websites

How to stay in love happily forever

How to stay in love happily forever When you fall in love, the world is rosy and you feel on top of cloud nine.

Stages of Romance in life

Stages of Romance in life When you are in love, it is ecstasy in the beginning and with time you settle down and the

Watch out for men who are not husband material

Watch out for men who are not husband material Behaves like a chivalrous gentleman: Men need to be respectful, polite, attentive and considerate to

Mature relationship

Mature relationship for Indians are far easier today than it was previously. Older singles and divorced people found it difficult to get a partner