Attractive Personality

Are you looking to have an irresistibly attractive personality? Do you want people look up to you and be drawn by your magnetic personality? It is not difficult to do that. Here are some quick tips to help you develop a personality that is not only attractive but alluring and interesting!
1- Be a listener: Don’t talk about yourself but be a good listener. Accept that you are not always right and show maturity. This is essential and allows the other person to be open up and express. Most people love to talk about their own experiences and are all about “I”. This in turn bores the other people. But if you listen to people without interrupting, it shows that you respect them and are interested in their view points. This in turn helps you gain their respect quickly.
2- Be positive and optimistic: Nobody likes a cribber, grouchy or negative personality. People are attracted to those with a vibrant smile, positive outlook and optimistic disposition. Do not mention your own distress but bring out your positive aspects and share that. Optimists remind people that there is hope and better chances to come by, which attracts people to their happy personality.
3- Stay grounded and humble: Of course, you don’t appreciate snobs. Well, no one does. Stay humble and grounded even if you have achieved considerable success. People appreciate your success yet respect your humility and that is an attractive trait to have.
4- Be flexible: Don’t be prejudiced, obstinate about thrusting your own views, instead have an open mind, accept new ideas and opinions. It is not always about you and your view points. Go with the flow, experience new things, don’t look back and regret fun things that you did. Consider them as learning experiences. People will love you for your adventurous spirit!
5- Keep smiling: There is nothing more attractive than a friendly, happy smile. A sign of happiness, joy and gaiety, smiling is infectious. It helps you make friends quickly while people find your charismatic personality more attractive. And it radiates a confident personality, ready to bring about good cheer and happiness all around.
These are the ways you can have a magnetic and attractive persona without going to great lengths to make an impression. As they say, first impression is the last impression, so stay happy and be confident.
Sarah Shah