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6 Ways to Tell if a Relationship Might Last

When it comes time to find a relationship that will endure for many years, you may wonder how to tell if it’s going to

Tips on How to Improve Communication in Relationship

Marriage and relationship is between two human beings with emotions and emotions do not remain the same all the time.

8 ways to Propose into marriage

Proposing into a marriage after being in a relationship or being known to the person is the most beautiful and exciting job.

Why should I marry? Single life is good. Marry or Stay single?

The question is marry or stay single? Why should I marry? Single life is good,  The fun of being single cannot be discounted. You

Making the most of wedding traditions

Different cultures have diverse wedding traditions. Some are long winding and mandatory. In some cultures in the Asian sub-continent if certain important traditional rituals

Good Communication

Good communication play a essential role in the initial meeting someone.Whenever we meet anyone new, the person’s appearance is the first thing we notice.

Choosing the right life partner

What is the magic behind choosing a right life partner? Is it her good looks? His sense of humor? Was she hard to get?

Potential life partner

Searching for potential life partner is can be daunting at first. It is so true for men they mostly look for physical attraction.Only shallow

Lasting Relationship

It is easy to get into a relationship but you need to work upon the relationship to make it a lasting relationship. Regardless of