Good Communication

Good  Communication
Good communication play a essential role in the initial meeting someone.Whenever we meet anyone new, the person’s appearance is the first thing we notice. It includes the person’s body, clothes, personal grooming and social behavior. Communication in our modern world plays a very important role. Improving your appearance and communication style will increase your effectiveness and success in all areas of your life. Time and effort invested in improving your looks will give all the confidence you need to portray a positive and appealing personality. Your self image plays a big role in how you feel about yourself, and therefore it is vital for you to give some thought to it.

Get in shape
If you are not fit, out of shape, feel unattractive, and are tired most of the time, you will not feel good and positive about yourself. It is quite easy to make small changes in your lifestyle. Eat less, join a gym, and work out at least 4 times a week. This will help you to improve your physical appearance and leave you feeling energetic. When you exercise, you release natural “feel good” endorphins in your body. You will feel relaxed and good and your self confidence will boost. A poor body image can lead to feelings of inadequacy and anxiety, leading to depression and eating disorders. Look after yourself; do not neglect your body under any circumstances.
Your dressing
Dressing well has big impact on your personality. Buy the best you can afford, which means fewer clothes in the wardrobe, which leads to a lesser mess in your life. You do not need to follow all the latest fashions, wear those styles which look best on you. Make it point to include one or two items, from latest trends of fashion. Do not compare yourself with others, but dress to emphasize what looks good on you. Update your image by getting a new hair cut, highlights; learn new makeup tips and clothes within budget to give yourself a new makeover. Looking best is always demands your careful attention to personal self grooming and the clothes you wear.
Personal hygiene
Looking good and smelling good is pleasant. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, after eating meals use mouthwash if possible. Floss teeth and get dental checkups, oral hygiene is really important for that wonderful smile of yours. Use deodorant to minimize body odor. Hair should be clean and trimmed. Some efforts are essential on your part to create a positive image of yourself which will definitely have wonderful impression on others.
Positive self image
Be in the company of positive people, who compliment you and support you. Spend time with people who value you. Smile often and greet everyone in your home and workplace in a nice way. People who are emotionally healthy they handle stress well, have a positive self-image, and are able to have healthy relationships. You will need three things for your new image; be positive, smile and look fabulous.Work on these three traits, and you will notice a difference in your outlook and personality.