Making the most of wedding traditions

Different cultures have diverse wedding traditions. Some are long winding and mandatory. In some cultures in the Asian sub-continent if certain important traditional rituals are not conducted the marriage has no meaning.

Centuries old beliefs in cumbersome rituals make some couples opt for legal or registered marriages- Which are fine except that the tradition should not be sidelined. Rather than skipping them, it is better to make the most of the traditions, rather than running away from them.

When ancient traditions are followed, it is a sign of respect to the ancestors and the rituals they have developed. In the Asian countries when a couple gets married, it is a marriage of not just two individuals but two families. For example it is mandatory for the girl’s mother to give a gift of gold jewelry to the boy’s mother. It is necessary for a father to give away the daughter in marriage during the ceremony officiated by a priest in front of family, relatives and friends. It is so much in contrast to couples in love who elope and marry against parental wishes.

The need to wear traditional and ethnic clothes is also important. It strengthens the belief in the community. No matter how modern we have become traditions like exchange of rings for engagement and wedding make sense. They are lifelong symbols and need to be done in presence of elders and friends. It is an occasion for celebration, so why not enjoy the tradition that goes with it.