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Relationship advice: Ladies look for 6 key qualities in men

Ladies look for 6 key qualities in men If you have been looking for love or your soul mate, it is essential to find

How to Deal When He Does Not Call

Dating and relationships it is important to feel content and confident. However, if your date is not calling and you feel anxious and feeling

Why Affluent Men have extra martrial affairs

It applies to some men who cheat on their life partners. Usually, men who are rich and affluent have extra mar trial affairs. An

Relationships and Marriage

It is so true that best relationships start when couples are friends first. Even today, real-life love stories abound and innumerable marriages cross golden wedding

Search Life Partner

Finding a life partner is much more than looking for your next date. Your life partner is someone you intend growing old with, spending

Finding someone for Relationship

Although being single has its own perks, like you can live life at your own terms, with no string attached lifestyle, it has been

Romance and Marriage

Though once considered a myth, psychologists believe that men are actually more romantic than women! As per a new survey, 27% women and 48%

How To Move On With Life After Divorce

Divorce can not only take a toll on your emotions and your health but on the feeling of security of the whole family. It

The six character traits for life partner

In searching for a life partner, seek guys who possess great qualities that would make them a good husband and parent. Identify ones which