Relationship advice: I Want To Get Married To A Tall Good Looking Doctor

I Want To Get Married To A Tall Good Looking Doctor
This is one of the most common requests that we hear from women and their parents when preferences are filled. Though it is good to know your preference, but the fact remains that by choosing to marry only a doctor, you are limiting your chance of meeting numerous other good guys in different professions. Ask yourself, why do you want to get married to a tall guy? Are you insecure and subconsciously looking for someone to fill in the personality aspects that you lack?
Most women want to get married to doctors as they are monetarily very stable. Is that the reason you are limiting yourself to marrying a doctor? However, it is not wrong to get married to a person who is financially stable but let it not be the only criteria. It is important to get married to a person, who is loving, caring and loves you for what you are, not how much you earn. Consider the merits and demerits of marrying a doctor. Though financial stability is one of the plus points, the demerits run high. He will be extremely busy and would have limited family time. Apart from that add the stress and hectic pace of life that doctors lead. Are you ready for that? doctor
There are numerous other professions where financial stability is high and your husband will have plenty of time for you. It is best to meet potential men with different occupations on instead of only selecting and shortlisting doctors. Chances are high that your might meet your soul-mate that maybe from a different profession and be extremely happy than get married to a doctor who has no time for you.  Let money and height not be the only criteria when you marry, but see if the interests and personalities match.