Secret to Long and Healthy Life Is Being In Relationship

Secret to Long and Healthy Life Is Being In Relationship
For good health and well being, it is essential to be in a healthy relationship. Whether it is long-term committed relationship or marriage, statistics show that people in happy relationships live longer, are healthy and able to deal with stress better. On the other hand, health risks increase, when you are isolated and alone. Some of the advantages of being happily married or in strong committed relationships are:
#1 Long, healthy life:
Innumerable studies and researches have been done to see the effect of strong emotional ties and happy relationships on peoples` health. And the results of the surveys, namely Dan Buettner’s Blue Zone research which was conducted on 150 people showed that couples and others with strong relationships have higher chances of living to a ripe old age nearly adding 3 years to men’s life. couplecouple2
#2 Lower levels of stress:
Having someone by your side during difficult times can be reassuring. In another study done on over 100 people, the results proved that people under stressful jobs recovered faster than those who lived alone. The single individuals showed higher stress and enhanced levels of hypertension.
#3 Health and wellness:
Having social support and being in happy, committed relationships were half as likely to fall ill, as those who were single or in stressful short term relationships. The International Gallup poll (2012) found that people, who had friends, were satisfied and happy with their health than the ones who stayed in isolation.
#4 Boost to overall happiness:
National Bureau of Economic Research conducted a survey and found that when friends increased, the effect was as if the people had got a raise. Thus, happiness when you are with loving friends, family and in committed relationships helps you be healthy and happy. couple3
Richard Schwartz and Jacqueline Olds, both psychiatrists observed that frantic pace of life and materialism lead to higher isolation, increasing chances of depression and poor health concerns. If you want to meet your kind-of-people and marry, check out the profiles at