Successful Marriage

To have a successful marriage, you both need to be on the same page most of the time and agree on the major decisions. And leave your egos at the door. A successful marriage and relationship is not based on forced compromises, but love and affection for each other. You need to evaluate your goals and see if you think alike. It takes a lot to build a relationship so you need to be clear about what you are looking for in the person you plan of settling down with.
To start with, when you are contemplating a relationship, think whether you want to take it forward and get married. You’ll need to see if you and your potential spouse or partner would like to have children or would you like to be get into a relationship with a person who has kids from a past relationship or marriage. Ask yourself if you are happy being in the location you are currently living it or plan on relocating with your future spouse.
Additionally, you’ll need to think about whether your extended family shall have a role to play or you’ll like to keep it to your immediate family members. You’ll need to consider the views about these factors and talk about it with your potential spouse. Think about whether you are a social person or a homebody.
Would you like a partner who is like you or just the opposite? These are some of the aspects that you’ll need to consider and later discuss your views with your partner. To have a successful relationship, minor compromises will need to be made, but it should be done willingly and happily. If it is forced, resentment builds up and that leads to anger, unhappiness and negativity in a relationship.