Nagging wife

Men find nagging wife a bad indicator for good relationship. You know you have to ask your husband multiple times to do chores before it is actually done. So, the fact remains that there is a difference in perspective. But according to a latest survey, most men feel that nagging constantly ruins a perfectly good relationship. Most of them agreed that their wives nag them as a reminder to pick up after them or to do their share of the housework. Another factor that emerged from the survey was a subtle reason. Asking for attention in the relationship by the women was the main reasons for the nagging. Constantly being ignored or husbands leading a hectic life with little time for the wife was one of the reasons for the built up frustration which was vented as nagging.
However, whichever way you look at it, constant disagreements and nagging can infuse negativity in a relationship, leading to constant stress and long drawn bitterness. Most of the men were of the view that women nag to vent out pent up anger or frustrations while women felt that men only work when they are asked multiple times to do it. But men can take heart, because it was found that as women progress within their marriage, nagging reduces considerably.
According to psychologists, nagging partner is the unheard partner and it is way of seeking attention. Conversely, constant nagging can drive away the husband, leading to loss of attention and intimacy, which in turn ruins a relationship. Thus, if you feel that you nag or your wife nags, maybe it is time to pay attention to the reasons that lead to it. Men need to pay attention to their wives to ensure they have better communication and the reason to nag is eliminated. That will constitute a stronger, positive marriage and better long term relationship.
Sarah Shah