Spotting married men on dating site

 Spotting married men on dating site
Spotting married men who pretend to be single on dating or matrimonial site is important. Does the man you found on the online dating site seem elusive or unavailable sometimes? Maybe he is married. Yeah, the truth can be jolting but it is true that there are numerous married men pretending to be single and joining dating websites. However, it is better to know how to spot married men online on dating websites:

1No profile photos: Most married men do not post pictures online with their profile, to avoid the risk of getting caught. If you are dating a man with no photos and seems to be disappearing off your radar often with lame excuses, think again. He might be hiding a vital fact. But they might be willing to post their photos to your personal email, s that should be a red flag.
2Secretive about personal life: Most married men are discreet and secretive about their personal life and do not talk about themselves. If the man doesn’t reveal his last name, you can be sure he is married. They don’t give out much information about his family, where he lives and works. And he is not willing to introduce you to his friends and family anytime. It can be easy to track him online and find out the marital status, if he provides the vital information. So beware of such men.
3Fixed online time: If you actually start noticing, certain men have a fixed time when they are online or when they call. This maybe late at night or early mornings because they don’t want anyone within the family to know about their dating games. Usually they are online or available when their spouse is asleep or away.
4Erratic responses: He might disappear for a few days or send in very short emails or call at fixed times. Erratic response and irregular communication is a dead giveaway that he is trying to juggle work, family life and online dating. So the time he spends with online dates is restricted, based on the amount of time he can spare from regular family life. Keep a track on these aspects when you are trying to date online.
Sarah Shah