Stages of Romance in life

Stages of Romance in life
When you are in love, it is ecstasy in the beginning and with time you settle down and the intensity and passion ebbs. If you are looking to know more about the stages of romance in life, here is more about it.
#1 Stage One- Passionate, romantic love:
This is the first stage and you idealize your love. You are excited about your new love and potential partner and daydream about all possibilities and situations with him or her. All you want to do is spend every waking moment with the new love and life is blissful. You don’t see any flaws or red flags in your partner and all that you are aware of is the joy of being in love and the potential of a new relationship. It is the romantic love that you see in Hollywood movies! couple6
#2 Stage Two- Realistic and practical love:
The initial fun, exuberance and excitement is ebbing away from the relationship. Both of you start seeing each other with potential and flaws while idealizations ends. It gets challenging to accept the exposed flaws and other traits in each other. This is the stage when you either make or break the relationship. For those who believe in romantic love, the rosy bubble bursts in this phase.However, this is the phase when you start learning about your partner deepens including the positive aspects and flaws in the partner are clear now.
#3 Stage Three – Mature, Stable love:
This is the final stage and is highlighted by a feeling of security and safety in the relationship. Both the partners feel satiated, cared for and fulfilled within the relationship. The corners have rubbed off and are in the comfortable phase where you do not need to impress the partner but deeper understanding forms the basis of the relationship. You know each other’s idiosyncrasies and have accepted each other with their flaws and all. You are not worried about losing the relationship but are there for each other. However, to attain this stage, you have to pass through the other two preceding ones.