Watch out for men who are not husband material

Watch out for men who are not husband material
Behaves like a chivalrous gentleman:
Men need to be respectful, polite, attentive and considerate to the lady’s needs. They never cross the line of being inappropriate in any situation.

Men interpret actions while women rely on words and understand each other accordingly. But if you intend getting married, there are a few categories of men who are not husband material.So think twice about dating or being in a
relationship with such men, especially if you want to get married to them.
Here is a categorized list of men that aren’t husband material, so watch out:
  • ‘Emotional baggage’ guy: This category of men is always stuck with a ‘help me’ syndrome. They carry tons of emotional baggage and need help all the time. He needs you by his side to feel worthy but only talks about his own issues, never yours. He hangs on ‘until he is ready’ but that day will never come.
  • ‘Talk in the air’ guy: He’ll discuss marriage, kids and future with you because that is what you like, but it is only talk, no action. No time frames are discussed for any action and if you discuss a date, the conversation veers off on to other subjects.
  • ‘Please understand’ guy: With acceptable excuses that seem logical, you know he cannot take any decision on marriage because he needs to work on his professional growth and career, or its time for fitness first or maybe his parent’s needs are priority. All he says is “please understand and bear with me.” These are delaying tactics, so beware of such men.
  • ‘Fun first’ guys: He is there for sex, adventure and fun. There is no discussion of marriage, kids and related responsibilities. He doesn’t even think about settling down in a monogamous relationship. If you talk marriage, the expressions change and he is oftentimes known to repeat that it is you who is making the fun end and spoiling the moment. If you try again, he’ll be out for another adventure..