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Your Pictures Matter More Than Your Profile!!

On online matrimonial site .The photo is where all the action begins between receiving responses or no responses. Regardless, of how much time and

The six character traits for life partner

In searching for a life partner, seek guys who possess great qualities that would make them a good husband and parent. Identify ones which

Life Partner men are interested most

If you are curious to know what men find attractive about women while they are looking for a life partner. It’s a known fact that

Five Qualities To Look For In A Life Partner

Life is a long journey and marriage is a life-long commitment therefore while selecting a life partner make sure you search well. You will

Ethnic Matchmaking

When cupid strikes, it is best to succumb to it. With the globe becoming a melting pot of cultures where people of many races,

Online Matchmaking

Online matchmaking services can really help to mend a broken. It provides you a platform to start all over and find a soul mate.

Getting Duped in the Matrimony

Many girls and boys approach matrimony with blinkers on. There is nothing like “it will never happen to me”. Anything can happen, anytime. We

Traits of a good life partner

It is in the best interest to know the traits of a good life partner.Many couples in love cannot really pinpoint what is it

Is online matchmaking effective?

With internet dating tools, online  matchmaking is gaining popularity. But is online matchmaking effective? Yes. If you play the game right then it can