Life Partner men are interested most

If you are curious to know what men find attractive about women while they are looking for a life partner. It’s a known fact that men are more interested in physical aspects of a woman initially and but other personality traits become more important. Generally men who want to get married are between the age of 29 to 35. They life partner to be in the age range of 25 to 30. It’s a known fact that men are more interested in physical aspects of a woman initially but other personality traits become more important.

Cool personality:
This is known as the inner beauty. Cool women do not talk on negative issues it can be your life, weight or career. The man will see you in that context only. A confident and down to earth attitude makes a man feel comfortable. It is important that you can share a good laugh without being easily offended.

Physical appearance:
One of most important things men have on their minds is physical attraction. They do not expect a model’s body but someone who is presentable. A healthy woman who looks after her weight and personal appearance is very attractive to men. It does not mean that women should spend large sums of money on clothing and make up. They need to know the art of being well groomed. Men feel proud to present their life partner to family and friends.

Good listener:
This is a great skill appreciated by most men.  Acquire the art of being a good listener and pay attention to the conversation give advice or feedback when required. A sure wining trait to a man’s heart. It is essential to convey the comfort feeling of being an attentive person and genuinely interested. A woman who does not complain a lot is a breath of fresh air.

Trust and Independence:
You can’t build a lasting relationship with a man if you cannot be trusted. Women who are reliable and act and say what they mean are appreciated by men. Men admire and like women who are capable and independent. Men get turned off by women who are high maintenance and expect men to take care of all their needs.

The more opportunities you have of meeting the right men, the greater your chances of meeting the man of your dreams.