Traits of a good life partner

It is in the best interest to know the traits of a good life partner.Many couples in love cannot really pinpoint what is it that makes them tick. There are so many unknown little things that one likes about each other that it cannot be put in the rule book of matrimony.

But what counts in all kinds of intimate relationships is love and mutual respect, space and privacy. Couples who drift away have to deal with egos, intolerance, ambitions and attitude problems.  They carry them all through their lives and never have a good relationship. Trust and faith are also two most used and abused words. So when one is looking for a life long partner one is looking for beyond these endearing quirks.

Even after getting a compatible partner one cannot be sure that there will be no friction. Accept that there is a fundamental difference and respect it. Always be good so that the partner is equally good to you. You cannot expect love and care when you are self-centered yourself. Honesty is fine and so is truthfulness. But a little white harmless white lie will not bring a relationship down. Deal with an emotional situation a little maturely, after the initial outburst of anger.

Instead of searching for a life partner with the perfect traits, become the perfect person who anyone would like to date. When you are sensitive to the needs of other people, they will automatically reciprocate their good feelings. When you give positive vibes, the other person too will return the favor.  Have a good sense of humor to diffuse negativity.