Getting Duped in the Matrimony

Many girls and boys approach matrimony with blinkers on. There is nothing like “it will never happen to me”. Anything can happen, anytime. We just need to keep our eyes and ears open and no one dare to fool us. Nevertheless, marriage fraud has disheartened, saddened, depressed and dejected many. How can one avoid getting duped in the marriage market? Marriage market being huge comes with its own set of deceptions and cons for some and a plain simple bad luck for many. Many men and women, looking for love, life and stability fall into the web of crimes adorning this pious institution – like marrying for an immigration or permanent citizenship of another country, marrying for money and sometimes marrying just under pressure. The truth is that no upright man or a woman would ever exploit his/her partner – emotionally or mentally. Avoiding these things before the marriage is fixed would be the first step to avoid getting duped. Getting the marriage registered under legal laws of the country is very importance. It can assure justice if any untoward thing happens later. Conduct a background search of a potential partner, through internet, detectives, relatives or friends. Do not be blinded by high-profile suitors as they can just be part of a “sweetheart scam”. Lastly, if you have a slightest of hint of a scam happening, just be firm and fizzle out with a threat of a police action. Learn to breakup. This isn’t just about the heart. It’s about being smart.