Your Pictures Matter More Than Your Profile!!

On online matrimonial site .The photo is where all the action begins between receiving responses or no responses. Regardless, of how much time and effort you spend on writing, polishing your profile, a good online photo is worth thousand words. Good clear pictures are attention grabber’s. Some of you are not comfortable with online posting of pictures. It really does not matter in this time and age, as majority of you have profiles on facebook, Linkedin etc.

Matchmaking process is not supposed to be a top secret. The more people know about you greater your chances of finding the ideal match. If you are in the marriageable age or divorced, people in your circle are aware that you’ve not found your match, otherwise you would not be single. By posting faceless profile no one benefits. Most people will search profiles with photographs only. You show your face to the whole world, why shy away where it matters most. Use pictures to express yourself who you really are and what are your interests or the type of lifestyle you lead.

Here are some tips to help you get more responses:

 1. Keep in mind proper lighting plays a great role in picture appeal.

2. Go to a professional studio or use a good camera.

3. Post photos which are clear and in focus.

4. Smile when you get your photo taken.

5. Post different photos full size, head shot

6. Wear attractive good clothes.

7. No group photos with friends or family.

8. Most important upload only recent photographs.

shutterstock_70111231 shutterstock_93328579
 Sample Photos here

Sure, write up is important but it  is your profile photograph which will grab the attention you so desire.