Relationship advice: Ladies look for 6 key qualities in men

Ladies look for 6 key qualities in men
If you have been looking for love or your soul mate, it is essential to find the right qualities in your man, to ensure that your relationship works out best. We have a list of key qualities that most women look for:
#1 Talk about finances early in the relationship:
Behaves like a chivalrous gentleman: Men need to be respectful, polite, attentive and considerate to the lady’s needs. They never cross the line of being inappropriate in any situation.
#2 Faithful and honest:
Most men believe if they brag about the women in their life and have affairs, they seem macho. However, no woman looking for long-term commitment would ever fall for such men. couple
#3 Direct and communicative:
Contrary to what most men believe, having a ‘whatever’ attitude doesn’t really seem attractive to women. A guy should look into her eyes when talking, discuss and communicate properly instead of dodging questions. men
#4 Integrity:
Men that can stay true to their words and stay committed can win any woman’s love as women look for integrity and faithfulness as necessary considerations for a committed relationship. Men with integrity are respected and give respect with equal measure while standing up for what they believe is right. couple2
#5 Maturity:
Mature men approach problems with a calm disposition and value what they have, which tends to be attractive to women. Guys that act their age, behave chivalrously and have a stable job are some of the key considerations for women. couple3
#6 Confident with positive attitude:
A man who is confident about himself and has a positive attitude will be fun to be with. He’ll not be pressured into doing things and can take his own decisions. Additionally, he’ll be more stable and mature in a relationship.