Why Affluent Men have extra martrial affairs

It applies to some men who cheat on their life partners. Usually, men who are rich and affluent have extra mar trial affairs.

An endlessly debated subject, there are quite a few reasons that high-profile affluent men have affairs and cheat in a committed relationship or marriage. Though the reason range from exhilaration in their private live to having an affair to boost self image, here are top 4 reasons why high profile, rich and powerful men cheat:

1- Infidelity is a status symbol: One of the major trappings of affluence and power, high-profile men can afford a mistress or patronize high-profile call-girls. It becomes a symbol of status, just like buying a Bentley or a waterfront Hampton mansion. They feel they can cheat and get away from the consequences as they hold a certain status and power.

2- Secrecy brings thrill and mystery: Many affluent men prefer infidelity as it helps them bring spice in their life. With an extra-marital affair, keeping it a secret requires scheming, lying and hiding it from the public view. Boring personal life and constant travel, it maybe a one-night stand or having a mistress, but it sure gives them a constant high.

3- Opportunity to cheat is high: With high-profile lifestyles, there are innumerable beautiful yet brazen women including gold-diggers, fans who are willing to sleep with them for favors. For most men, saying no to such offers, is near impossible and they have friends and associates willing to cover the tracks.

4- Loneliness and being away from home: Though it may sound contrary to the lifestyle they lead, but most rich and high profile men lead lonely lives, being away from home and family for long periods. Having an extra-marital affair or short flings occupies time and tides them over loneliness.

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