Relationships and Marriage

It is so true that best relationships start when couples are friends first. Even today, real-life love stories abound and innumerable marriages cross golden wedding anniversaries. So what is so special about them? Well, the fact that best relationships start as friendships.

Relationships take time to develop and the bond of friendship is essential as it builds a feeling of honesty and trust in the couple. You know each others  idiosyncrasies, quirks and passions which makes progression to the next level easier. As friends you have better communication, have shared your likes and dislikes without a feeling of being rejected and getting into a romantic relationship is easier, as you accept each other as individuals.

Being friends first, it helps you discuss friends and family, peeves and dislikes with more rationality before intimacy is established. There are no irrational expectations but you already know your friend well, which helps you discuss your own needs and desires with him or her with confidence. However, this emotional and physical intimacy is reflected as love and admiration in a committed relationship, as you can truly be your own self. With friends, there are no false pretense or ego clashes, making for a healthier relationship as a couple, when you take friendship to a new level.

Though we live in a world of fragile relationships, if you take time out and enjoy time together, transition from friends to being a couple can be exhilarating and exciting. Mutual respect, trust and tolerance forms the basis of friendship and that in turn makes your committed relationship or marriage stronger as you desire to please each other. The element of romance and attraction is higher when you are emotionally involved and attached to the other person. This holds true in committed relationships and marriages. Most people crave for security and a relationship built on strong bonding and friendship has a higher chance of lasting for a longer time.