How to Deal When He Does Not Call

Dating and relationships it is important to feel content and confident. However, if your date is not calling and you feel anxious and feeling left out. Do not feel left out and should not affect your efforts to find a match.

You had an amazing time with your date and have been waiting for his phone call. But he does not call. Even though he seemed really interested, has the long silence made you a nervous wreck? But you are not alone, it happens to numerous women but instead of experiencing anxiety and criticizing yourself because the guy didn’t call you or didn’t take your call, take a deep breath and think calmly.

Though there may be many reasons that he didn’t call you, it can be an indication that he is either not interested or it is possible that he lost your number. But it is best not to jump to conclusions and wait for a few days before you give him a call. If the call is rejected or he still does not call you back, take the hint and move on. Basically, not calling you back is his way of showing that he has probably moved on and trying to let you know politely or maybe he isn’t ready for a long-term relationship. So if he doesn’t call is a good indication, because you know there is someone better waiting for you.

If you are feeling rejected or criticizing yourself, you may feel confused and hurt but stop beating yourself about what might have gone wrong. Choose to be more positive, build your self-esteem and confidence. This small shift will have a big impact on the way you present yourself when you date.

Let it not affect your search for your soul-mate. When you begin dating, don’t hanker after phone calls. You have put yourself on the path to find love and commitment and the right one will walk with you. Focus your energy on different things- your job, hobbies and even looking for a better guy. Check out and find your perfect match.