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Friendships Can Lead To Marriage

Will marrying your close friend limit the chances of a divorce? Well, it is a fact that friendship can lead to marriage and such marriages are

Move on with Life after Divorce

Learning to move on with life after divorce can be a daunting task. When your relationship ends, it is emotionally difficult and in some

Radiate Success in every Action & be a Winner

It is a fact that we allow external circumstances to rule over our attitudes and behavior. You might get angry, bemoaned your fate when

When He Does Not Call

Did you go on a date and had a nice time? Did you feel that a promising second date was round the corner? And

Instant Turnoffs for Men

The date went well and you enjoyed. But are you still waiting for him to call you? Maybe you did something that put him

How to Deal With Your In-Laws

You can pick the person you marry, but you don’t have a choice of selecting the extended family, siblings and most importantly, in-laws.

Secrets of Happy Relationship

Some couples look so much in love even after years of being together while there are plenty of disgruntled couples that are early on

Are You Too Busy to Find a Life Partner? Try Online Dating

With the fast paced lifestyle globally, finding time to just relax and socialize in real time has become difficult.

Signs A Guy Is Interested In You

Though it is easier to decipher men and their intentions, it can be difficult to fathom when it comes to true attraction especially if