Overcoming Communication Barriers

headerOvercoming Communication Barriers
The lifeblood of any successful relationship is good and healthy communication between the couples. One of the main reasons that many relationships and marriages suffer is due to communication barriers, which if not resolved can cause more damage. Every relationship has fights, misunderstandings and conflicts and only a positive attitude and overcoming communication barriers can resolve that.  Here we will discuss what hinders communication between partners and how to overcome this issue.

Common Communication Barriers

Here are the most common communication barriers that many couples face

Lack of Active Listening

People are more focused on what they want to say and how they wish to express themselves. This can be healthy but if your partner’s emotions are ignored, it means that you lack the skill of listening.

Assumptions and Misinterpretations

Many individuals assume about their partner’s desires or wishes. How can you be so sure, if you never tried listening to what she has to say? Misinterpreting and assuming in a relationship can make the relationship more exhausting.

Emotional Reactivity

Showing too many unnecessary emotions can create a distance between you and your spouse. Keep in mind that strong emotions can cloud your judgment and make you more reactive rather than calm.

Poor Nonverbal Communication

Expressing your emotions through texting or calling can cause alot of misunderstanding. Physical interaction is much easier as it allows you to observe facial expressions and body language with verbal communication.

Avoidance of Difficult Topics

Many individuals in a relationship are scared to discuss what’s bothering them, especially the traumas. If you want a long-term relationship with your partner, then don’t be afraid to show your weak side. Have open communication and discuss what triggers your pain or trauma. You can also get help from your therapist.

Not Seeking Common Ground

Your relationship should never be one-sided. We humans are designed to have different opinions and perspectives. We might not agree with each other most of the time. It needs an effort to seek common ground and meet each other halfway.

Strategies for Overcoming Communication Barriers

Practice Active Listening

  • Give full attention to your spouse
  • Make her feel that she is heard
  • Don’t interrupt her when she is expressing herself
  • If something seems too confusing then ask her questions after she is finished communicating

Manage Your Emotions

  • If your emotions take the better of you then work on yourself
  • Stay calm and take long breaths during the conversation
  • Instead of assuming what she is saying, ask her again to confirm

Improve Nonverbal Communication

  • Observe her body language
  • Make your body language more attentive e.g. make eye contact with her, nod your head if she is right
  • Ensure that your nonverbal cues align with your spoken words

Prioritize Your Relationship

  • Your spouse is more important than your social circle or family
  • Do not let anyone interfere in your relationship
  • Ensure that you have privacy and minimal distractions for important conversations

Overcoming the communication barrier is never difficult. It just needs time and effort. Reducing this distance gets better with time. It is important not to give up on each other halfway.  Keep in mind meaningful connections with your spouse or partner are a sign of a healthy matrimonial life. To read more on this, visit shadi.com.