The Impact of Social Media on Relationships

headerThe Impact of Social Media on RelationshipsWhat is the impact of social media on relationships is an important question that many people wonder about. Social media has connected people from different parts of the world and now is an integral part of our lives. People share about their love life, past, experiences and love via social media. It influences how we communicate. However, it has negative and positive impacts on modern relationships and here we will discuss that in detail.

The Positive Impact of Social Media on Relationships

Let’s first discuss the positive influence of social media.


Relationships in modern times have transcended geographical barriers unlike in past. People are not falling in love and getting married to individuals who belong to the different sides of the world. Long-distance relationships are thriving because of the use of social media that allows two people in love to connect.

Shared Moments

Thanks to social media, you can upload your memories and look back on them after many years. You can also see the shared interests of your friends, families or your partner. In a long-distance relationship, you can see their glimpse of life. People now can express their feelings, favourite songs, food or destinations. You can also take advantage of that before going into a relationship with the person you love.

Resources and Support

Every relationship has ups and downs. Many people who struggle in their relationships but don’t want to give up, take help from support systems or get access to resources like Reddit, and Quora where people share their experiences. You can also find online therapists and pursue couple therapy. It’s alright to take help from the people you trust.

The Negative Impact of Social Media

While social media has many benefits, it also has a darker side. Here we will look into it


One of the reasons that the foundation of happy marriages or relationships gets weak is due to distraction. There is a lot of information and entertainment on the internet. People get lost there and reduce the quality time they spend with their partner. This can also hinder your real-life interactions.

Unrealistic Expectations

Somehow in today’s age, people worship the culture of perfection. People use filters to make them look presentable all the time and share the good moments only. This can cause depression, allowing us to think that we are nowhere perfect like them. Couples also absorb unpleasing expectations of looks and couple goals. Keep in mind that no one has a perfect life and everyone has their own set of challenges.

Jealousy and Insecurity

No one can hide past in the modern age because you might delete your photo but it can be saved permanently in someone else’s laptop or cell phone. Seeing your partner’s ex’s photo and their shared moments can create jealousy, insecurities and misunderstanding. This can damage the romance in the matrimonial life or relationships.

Finding Balance

Using social media is a necessity for so many people and it can’t be avoided for them. What we can do is find the balance and not let it affect us despite using it.

Decide Boundaries

It is important to discuss when and how to use social media. Make sure you prioritize spending time with your partner and give him/her full attention. For example, you can avoid using cell phones during meal times or vacations.


Not everything has to be put online. The major part of your relationship and love life should be private. Uploading too much about your partner can impact the relationship. Avoid oversharing personal details or airing your grievances online. If you are facing conflict, then try to resolve it in real life, in your home.

Support Your Partner

Social media can cause jealousy and insecurity. Do not make your expectations align with the people who are influencers when it comes to looks or love life. Be emphatic and try to resolve the issues that your partner faces when you use social media.

Taking Breaks

Using too much social media can be exhausting and it can damage the relationship you have with your spouse and friends. It is better to take frequent breaks to focus on a healthier lifestyle with your partner.

Every technology we use has benefits and a dark side. It is better to use it in moderation. Keep in mind your love life is more important than the random people you connect with on social media. To read more blogs on marriages, and relationships, visit login.