What Makes a Good Marriage For Couples?


What Makes a Good Marriage For Couples?

Marriage is tying the knot with someone that you feel a special bond with. Specialty is key for all couples who are married. In fact, that’s probably the sole reason people stick together. But marriage does consist of other things apart from specialty. So factors like an emotional connection and intimacy are just some of the things at play that make couples stick together. So, if you want to know more about what makes a good marriage for couples, keep reading.


This is probably a pillar of all relationships. Communication is something that everyone deserves, and will remain at the top of this list. Someone who is good at communicating will be happy in their marriage. And facts show that couples who talk more, stay happy more. When you do talk to your significant other, you’re actually conveying your feelings to them. This has a large effect on your relationship and allows you to properly bond with your partner. Couples that are doing this will know that their partner is their true friend, and they will be very comfortable in their presence. Shaadi


Intimacy is a thing that is misunderstood by many people; we’re going to clarify what it really means. Intimacy directly relates to how close you are with your partner, and intimacy can be defined in various areas of a marriage. You and your partner may have explored emotional, intellectual, sexual, spiritual, and even mental intimacy when you might have thought that you and you’re partner stand on exactly the same level, or you find that they hold the same kind of feelings for you.Shaadi.com login

Keeping Promises

If you have a habit of not sticking by your words, your partner can start resenting you. In fact, they may stop trusting your words altogether. And that can lead to long-term conflicts within the marriage. This can cause unhappiness and animosity over time which is not a good place to be.

These are the 3 easiest answers to what makes a good marriage for couples. So, now that you’re fully aware of what needs active attention, it’s time to look for your match on Online Shadi.com and find your true love.