How to Make Your Profile Stand Out on a Matchmaking Site


Considering that the whole world has shifted to an online form of communication, so have matchmakers such as Shaadi. While this makes finding your perfect match extremely easy, you need to know a few tips that will ensure that your potential perfect match finds you too. So, keep reading for 3 top tips on how to make your profile stand out on a matchmaking site.

Picture Perfect

The first thing that anyone will notice about your profile is your picture. Because the kind of photo you upload, its resolution, the background, and the type, all factor into showing how sincere you are about finding your significant other. In fact, the perfect picture goes a long way in showing a sincere personality as a whole. And, who are we kidding? Everyone wants to have a look at their potential partner before clicking on the best profiles among hundreds or thousands of possible matches. UK


After you’ve uploaded a moderately formal profile picture, it’s time to work on the sweetest, shortest bio. More importantly, it’s time to introduce yourself, write a bit about your expectations, and explain what you’re looking for. This way you can prevent any of your or your potential match’s time from being wasted. In fact, your bio might lead you to a person with similar interests. So, never forget that your bio plays a major role in your entire profile outlook.

No Lies

There are no exceptions to this rule. Certainly, if your match decides to meet you in person once things are underway, they would easily find out when you’ve lied about something. And that is not a good situation to be in. In fact, it would be embarrassing not just for yourself but for your date too. So, never lies on your profile about what you do or who you are because it would inevitably end in a bad way.

Since you know how to make your profile stand out on a matchmaking site, it’s time to find out whether these tips actually work by creating your own profile on login¬†today.