What Does A Healthy Relationship Looks Like

What Does a Healthy Relationship Looks Like

When it comes to healthy and happy matrimonial shadi life, there is no imbalance of power. Partners with strong and independent minds respect each other independence and take their own or shared decisions without the fear of retribution. A healthy relationship is a peaceful and safe space for both partners.

High-Quality Romantic Relationship

A high quality healthy and romantic relationship has a direct impact on your physical, emotional, and psychological state. People who are happy in their marriage or relationship are much more stable emotionally and physiologically. Your happiness is directly linked to greater well-being. The happier you are, the more you can bond with your spouse.

Pillars of a Healthy Relationship

Every relationship is unique and different. One thing that defines success in a relationship among others is a common goal that couples share in life. Such people also know basic principles and are committed to keeping their relationships meaningful, fulfilling, and exciting.

Facing Advertisers Together

Life is challenging and gets difficult sometimes. Many people go their separate ways as they cannot cope with life together. However, problems are temporary so couples who stick together and face adversaries are most happy. Giving up is not an option if you want your relationship or marriage to last forever. Shaadi.com login

Having Realistic Expectations

In the beginning, the relationship might seem perfect and full of fairy tales. People often forget that a relationship is not the work of Aphrodite that has been sent to you by the heavens. Marriages are never always pristine. The vision concerning marriages should be realistic. There is no magic for a happy life with your partner. Marriages need work, people need to work on themselves wholeheartedly to be a better version of themselves for their spouse.

Be on the Same Page

It’s not easy to spend your whole life with someone. People are complex and different. They have different beliefs, ways of life, thinking process and the list of diversity goes on. Despite all of these differences, happy couples always stay on the same page. They might disagree, argue or give up on some habit but they always support each other and never give up on their marriage.

Prioritizing Your Relationship 

To love someone and stay committed to him/her require sacrifice. Loving your soulmate comes with a price. Many times a person has to choose his/her spouse over something that is dear to them individually. Such people always prefer each other consistently over the people they have known for ages.


Happy married people have one thing in common and that is they make a conscious choice of staying and sharing their life with one another.  Such people stick to their decision of not leaving and helping each other even if life gets unfair and complicated. Believing in yourself and your spouse makes love to never get fade. Not breaking the emotional and physical bond keeps a relationship strong in matrimonial shadi life.