Married life

It’s the day and age when couples have to live by themselves this is called married life. Whether it is the dream choice or parental choice, coping with the partners can be smooth if one is able to understand and give space. There is no set formula that works for the married life. Dream choices can also become sour and a parental choice can be a big marital surprise.

For working couples

It’s nice that both of you are bringing home the bacon, bread and butter. But does the professional life leaves any gap for personal fulfillment. If one of you works late, it is hardly rocket science to learn what will happen eventually. A married life is like a plant that needs to be nurtured. It needs to be watered with love and time for each other-Especially if you wish to have children. There should be no reason that work pressures should leave you in a situation like-my way or the highway!

When one is house-bound

With competition, one finds that women executives travel, leaving the hubby to be house-bound. This is hardly an issue to sweat about or have an ego trip. Being married is also about equal rights, honey. If you are a man and dreamt of a bride serving tea in the bedroom, then wake up. It’s time to either switch jobs or go along with the bride. Having an ego can be disastrous. Then it does not matter if you have married out of your own choice or parents’ will. The ego can destroy happiness.