How to find somebody who respects you for what you are?

As a person you have some characteristics. You generally like the way you are. If you don’t like then you try to change and bring in new characteristics. You want people to respect you for what you are. It is especially true with your partner for dating or matrimonial relationship.

You often use the matrimonial service of a matchmaking service provider or matchmaking agency to find a partner for yourself. You may also use a matrimony site to find out partner for dating or matrimonial relationship.

If your partner respects you for what you are, then he will accept you as you are. He will not try to change you, your appearance, your dressing, your behavior, your way of thinking etc. However, you should not mistake his good intention of changing your bad habits or something bad about you just to make you a better person. When you know the distinction between these two, you’ll be able to know whether the partner you have chosen using the services of a matrimony site, a matchmaking agency or matchmaking services provider.

You need to look for the warning signs that will tell you whether your partner respects you or not. When and how do you know that your partner does not respect you for what you are? There are some signs which will tell you about it-

Check if your partner forces you, ignores you, threatens you, rejects you, judges you, does not listen to you, lies to you, does not care about your opinion and does not care about your emotions then be sure that he does not respect you as a person.

There are many other warning signs which will be able to tell you whether you are being respected by your partner for what you are. If the imposes things on you, intrudes upon, laughs at you, does not care for you, underestimates you, mocks you, takes you lightly, does not care about your needs then understand that your partner doesn’t respect you and is not the right person to choose.