Top 5 things you look for in the first meeting

After you talk or chat online at a  matrimonial site or use a quality matchmaking services, you would want to take the relationship to the next level by meeting the individual. First impressions are the last impressions which become the first step towards building a relationship. Now days marriage through matrimonial website is quite common. Other factors come into play to decide whether it will later lead to marriage or not. Basically, you notice the body language, talking style and the behavior, the first time you meet your prospective bride or groom.

The top 5 things that you need to look at in a person are:

Eye Contact: As it said, eyes are the window to a person’s soul and eye contact is essential while talking. Proper eye contact while meeting is a positive sign or interest in you. While shifty looking eyes that look over you or the person avoids eye contact should be avoided.

Body Language: Being at ease and an interest in your needs to be judged. If you find the person you meet with crossed arms, it signifies negative response but if his eyes, smile and open hands are showing a positive response, think positive! Thus being calm composed and confident approach leaves a positive first impression.

Personality and Behavior: Having a positive personality can make a good first impression. Check if the person is trying to put on airs or the total behavior or etiquettes in public. You also need to notice if the person show interest in you or goes on gabbing about him or herself.

Appearance: Personal appearance and dressing as per the occasion tells a lot about a person. A well-dressed (not overtly modern or conservative) is considered attractive. Neat, groomed and dressed well can leave a good impression.

Smile and Expressions: Though you may not be a mind reader, but noticing facial expressions can help you form an opinion about a person. A warm genuine smile can create a positive opinion. Look for subtle signs of interest, talk about interests, hobbies and dislikes. Note the facial expressions and smile. This will help you judge a person better.