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Stagnation in relationship

Stagnation in relationship is something which make your life not so cheerful and happy.When you are in a new relationship, your life looks bright

Relationship advice: Being Thankful to Online Matrimonial Sites

If you are happily married with due thanks to an online matrimonial website or intend finding your life partner online, you can be glad

Love and Soulmate

To find love and soulmate lot of people use the help of matrimonial websites. With more people connecting virtually, online marriage bureau and websites

Relationship advice: Ladies look for 6 key qualities in men

Ladies look for 6 key qualities in men If you have been looking for love or your soul mate, it is essential to find

Divorce advice: How to move forward after breakup or divorce

How to move forward after breakup or divorce It is difficult for both the partners when they decide to break or file for divorce,

Get rid of negativity and spice up your relationship

When you fall in love, it brings out the best qualities in you and life seems a rosy dream, with immense possibilities. But with

Friendship and Chemistry in Relationships

The never-ending debate about couples chemistry in relationships versus being friends never ends but the fact remain that even if you fall in love

How to find your life partner while living in foreign country?

Living in foreign country and trying to find life partner may seem daunting. However,long distance relationships are  simple and workable. When you stay abroad, you

Online Matchmaking Works In Six Steps

If you are looking to find your life partner online and plan on posting your profile, think again. Will you put the required information