Reasons for Divorce

Reasons for Divorce
If you think that extra-marital affairs are the main reason for divorces, you are wrong. There are other reasons that are considered the situations that lead to distrust and resentment, lack of communication which leads to a split. Here are the reasons for divorce:
·Marry for the wrong reasons. They may not be getting along well from the start but get married because of family/peer pressure. Such relationships don’t last long as there is no compatibility but a sham relationship that is bound to fall apart under time and pressure.·Nothing in common with time. With time and family, you forget that you are a couple and need to do things together. When the children grow up, you slowly realize that you have drifted apart with nothing in common anymore; creating a void that cannot be filled.·

Different focuses: One of the partners feels that everything changed after marriage. They continue to argue over spending money, vacations, household chores and other issues, which can create a difference in the relationship.·No intimacy: With misunderstanding or subtle changes in the couples receptivity or lack of romance, intimacy goes down and the couples feel unloved and unappreciated, triggering a divorce.

·No individual identity:  Co-dependent relationships neve work. When you are too dependent on your spouse with no will or interest of your own, you lose your individuality and feel lost. That can trigger imbalance in the relationship.

·Coercing the spouse for unmet expectations: When one of the spouse isn’t happy or has unmet expectations from the partner, he/she coerces the partner to make the changes as needed to make them happy. This leads to nagging, complaining, criticizing, bribing, threats and it leads to more negativity.

The reasons can be many as each relationship is unique but these are some of the common factors that lead separation or Reasons for Divorce