Confident women

Confident women are never insecure in their relationships. If you are insecure in a relationship or about yourself, you may not even be aware of it. Ask yourself if you always agree with your partner. Do you just drop all your plans when he asks you to be with him? Are you hankering after his attention, calling him multiple times a day and he seems a little distant? Do you have no opinion of your own but let him take the decision and go with it?

If you answer ‘yes’ to the questions you are needy and if you really want a long-lasting relationship, you need to develop more self-confidence. Ask yourself what a confident woman would do if she was in similar situation. Would she behave like this? So start with limiting your phone calls. Don’t call him more than once a day and stop excessively texting. Let him call you and text you. And if he doesn’t do that, maybe it would be better to end the relationship than turn desperate. There are numerous good guys out there. Start looking!
Additionally, take care of your physical appearance. Invest time in your health. Build your own circle of friends and don’t drop all your plans when he asks. You have your life to look at and keep commitments as your family and friends are equally important to you. You are responsible for your own happiness, so be positive and start trusting yourself more than you trust him. It is good to be caring and loving but it should be mutual and shouldn’t border on desperation as it is never good for a healthy, happy relationship. Needy women usually drive men away so be confident about yourself and see the transformation. Take charge of your life and have the inner confidence that you can do that.