Lasting Relationship

It is easy to get into a relationship but you need to work upon the relationship to make it a lasting relationship. Regardless of whether you are living in together or married, maintaining that initial spark is lost on the horizon as nitty-gritty of everyday life takes over. You may have affection and respect, which are the cornerstone of any successful relationship, but what should you do to make it stronger, caring and committed? However here are some tips to ensure that your relationship lasts a lifetime.
1- Have a shared dream about the future: This is of prime importance because you need to think as ‘we’ and ‘as a couple’ whenever it is a decision that is going to affect your lives together. From planning to buy a house to having a baby, you need to both be on the same page. Best partners never forget the fact that they live and dream together.
2- Intimacy is essential: Intimacy is not just about physical needs but brings emotional happiness as only two of you share the bond. Find ways to recreate the spark, weaving a thread of warmth and care into the relationship.
3- First family: Though you maybe somebody’s son or daughter, when you marry or are in a committed relationship, you are first in each other’s life. Though it would be tough initially, you need to identify as a couple first and then parents and siblings become immediate family. Give each other the respect, freedom and love to maintain and be the first in each other’s life.
4- Fight to stay focused: Just because you have an argument doesn’t mean you are splitting apart or don’t love each other. It means that you can argue, have a difference of opinion but can communicate, find a solution and move on. Couples, who fight fair, find humor as one of the best ways to diffuse the tensions. And such relationships last longer.
5- Strong friendships last longer: Trust, willingness to show your vulnerable side and the confidence that your friendship can withstand fights and disagreements. Don’t just be husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, strengthen and bond as best friends. Make your friendship an irreplaceable relationship which in turn, will last a lifetime.