Just Flirting or Is He Serious?

headerJust Flirting or Is He Serious?Being able to tell whether your partner is sincere about you early on in the relationship can be difficult. In fact, many people you encounter may engage in casual flirting with no real commitment in mind. While some individuals openly show that they are only flirting for fun, others may give mixed signals, making it unclear whether they are genuinely interested. So, the question arises: Is your partner simply flirting, or is their interest sincere?

The Little Things

The small things that he does for you go a long way in showing his sincerity. Making you soup on a sick day or sending you flowers to celebrate a work victory shows that he cares about you. In fact, little things like offering to hold your purse or ensuring your comfort in all situations are a big tell about his character too. So, if he surprises you with little things, hold on to him.

Telling his parents about you and vice versa

If a man tells his parents about you and expresses a desire for you to meet them, that’s a sign of his seriousness and commitment. When he discusses his parents and family with you, it shows that he is opening up and sharing his personal life. On the contrary, individuals who are more interested in casual flirting tend to withhold information about their family and do not express an inclination to introduce you to their loved ones.UK Shaadi Online

Introducing you to his friends

While it is pretty common for men to introduce almost anyone to their friends, what matters is how they treat you in that situation. It is his attitude toward you that will confirm his sincerity or the lack of it for you.  A guy who is not serious about you will never give you respect that you deserve in the presence of his social circle.

Want to start a family with you

Any guy who wants to settle and start a family will be straightforward with you. He will let you know in the beginning so that this relationship isn’t a waste of time. Such people are not afraid to get married and take responsibility to start a family.USA Matrimony

He wants to know more about you

If a guy is looking for a long-term relationship or marriage, he will try to have open communication with you. For him, it is better to discuss all the priorities, views, and opinions at the initial stages of a relationship. Discussing such topics not only fosters emotional connection but also resolves future conflicts.

He treats you more than just a friend

If it’s a fling, the person who you are dating will treat all the girls the same. If you are special to him, he will always prioritise you, be protective of you and will treat you as if you are special. Such guys won’t avoid and leave their relationship on small issues.

He will fight for you

When you love someone and want to share your life with him, he will always fight for you. Love needs effort and continuously resolving conflicts. If a guy is serious about spending his whole life with you, he will go way beyond to save this bond. However, if a man wants to flirt, he leaves as soon as life gets hard. Keep in mind that with the right man, you will always experience a healthy connection.

So, what do you think is the answer? Is your partner just flirting or is he serious? Find your perfect match and a sincere partner today at Shaadi.com uk and you won’t ever feel the need to look for more.